5 reasons why you should never visit Casa Del Papa

1. You have Aqua-phobia:

Aqua-phobia is the fear of water. You may have aquaphobia if you realize that any source of water causes you an excessive amount of anxiety. This can include a swimming pool, a lake, an ocean, or even a bathtub. Guess what? Casa Del Papa has all three in abundance. There is a long stretch of beach with clean blue waves washing unto the shores, there is a vaste expanse of ocean water for kayaking and boat riding, then there are 3 swimming pools for different categories of swimmers. So Casa Del Papa is definitely not for you if you have Aquaphobia.

Young man enjoying the warm embrace of the water at the beach in Casa Del Papa

2. You can’t cope in a serene environment

If you reside in a very boisterous city like Shanghai, Newyork, Tokyo, Cairo or even Lagos in Nigeria, You May realize that you cannot survive in a more serene environment. I personally live in Lagos, but not yet addicted to the noise and loudness of the city, I know there are people who have. If that is your case, then Casa Del Papa, a quiet beach resort located kilometers away from any other facility is not for you. At Casa Del Papa, the only noise you hear is that of the waves slapping against the shores and maybe one or two human voices from the facility’s staff and fellow holidayers.

There is enough quiet to go round at Casa Del Papa

3. You can’t speak French:

Casa Del Papa is located in the Republic of Benin, a former French colony. Their official language is French and if you can’t speak French or their local dialect, then that’s a valid reason to want to stay away. No actually. It’s just a lazy excuse. I mean, People relocate to Countries where they do not know a word of the language and they still survive, so holidaying in a country shouldn’t be a problem because of the Language. However if you’re looking for an excuse not to visit, there it is, a very flimsy one.

4. You love your food home cooked

Oh, I’ve heard some people say they can’t eat out. They only eat food made in their own homes and all that. I wonder how such people cope, but if you are among that group, then sit your butt at home. One of the beauties of visiting new places is experiencing their local delicacies, and even if you don’t want to, you’d still have to buy familiar food from restaurants. Casa Del Papa serves a variety of great meals, but that still doesn’t count for “team home cooked meals” right

5. You detest pictures with a lot of nature in it:

People have very weird choices in life and I’m still learning to respect everyone and their choices, regardless of how weird they seem. For instance, some people hate taking pictures. It’s hard to fathom why anyone will hate taking pictures, but it is what it is. So, let’s say you love taking pictures, but for some reason, you hate having a lot of nature in your pictures, then you may want to consider visiting somewhere else other than Casa Del Papa because at Casa, you’d be embarrassed at how much of nature would photobomb your pictures. I’m talking of Palm trees, the beach sand, ocean waves, green grass, blue sky and whatnot. I get it, you may have been used to pictures with such basic backgrounds that you can’t cope with ones that have the awesomeness of nature flaunted in every way, it’s fine, don’t just come to Casa. 

How a typical picture taken in Casa Del Papa looks

Author: Favour Onyeoziri

Favour Onyeoziri is a travel enthusiast. He also loves writing about his travel experiences, while sharing valuable guides and tips that would be valuable to fellow travel lovers

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