6 reasons why you should visit Iyake Lake, Ado-Awaye; one of only 2 suspended lakes in the World.

Iyake Lake
Play fighting at Iyake Lake

It is a very rare sight: the only other known suspended lake in the world can be found in the state of Colorado, USA. This simply means visiting Iyake Lake amounts to seeing one of the rarest wonders in the world. Very few people can ever boast of such.

Hiking at Ado-Awaye Mountain​
Hiking at Ado-Awaye Mountain

Two experiences in one: Iyake Lake is on top of the Ado-Awaye Mountains, which means you’d have to climb 365 flight of stairs before you see this beauty. The fact that you’d be hiking & exploring a mountain before you see the lake is like using two stones to kill a bird.‬

It is affordable: one of the most common reasons people give for not traveling is the lack of funds. Visiting Iyake lake won’t cost you much. If I remember clearly, we spent less than N2,000 on both a Tour Guide and fee to the site.

Great View: what you see standing atop the Ado-Awaye Mountain is probably one of the best views available in Nigeria. Watching the expansive formation of rocks, the town underneath, and the sparse vegetation on the mountain is breathtaking to say the least. Only a drone shot will do this place justice.

Great location for pictures: if just like me, you love taking amazing pictures of and with nature, then this place should be on your go-to list.

Bragging rights: believe it or not, when you tell people you’ve been to one of the only two suspended lakes in the world, they would first doubt you, then they’d Google it, then ask for picture proof, after that they would look at you with a renewed sense of respect.‬

Life is short and recent events (COVID19) have shown us how unpredictable life can be. Everything could be going smoothly one minute and things fall apart the next. There’s really no perfect time to Travel. If you’re waiting for the perfect time, it will never come. Take a break from work, pack your bag, and go see the world now that you can.

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My visit to Iyake Lake, the only suspended lake in Africa

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