Iyake Lake: 8 interesting things you need to know about the only suspended lake in Africa

The Ado-Awaye Mountains houses the popular Iyake Lake. This lake is known to be one of the two recognized suspended lakes in the world. The other lake can be found in the State of Colorado, United States. Iyake Lake is not just an ordinary Lake, but it also has spiritual importance to the natives.

Iyake lake, Ado-Awaye
Iyake Lake, Ado-Awaye
  • It has Healing properties: it is commonplace to see people climb all the way to the top of the mountain to go fetch water from the Lake. For years, the locals have believed that water from the Lake has healing properties, therefore they drink it occasionally for medicinal purposes.
  • The lake never completely dries up all-year-round: there is also the rumor that the lake never dries up. This is fascinating because the lake is not located close to nor attached to any other larger body of water. It is just a small lake nestled atop a mountain, one would expect it to easily dry up during the dry season.
Tree beside Iyake lake
Tree beside Iyake lake
  • Leaves from the tree above never fall inside the lake: there is a tree right beside the lake, although it branches hang over the lake, for some weird reason, the leaves never fall into the lake.
  • No one has ever entered the lake and came out alive: Oral tradition has it that a totally different world like ours exists beneath the lake hence diving it would mean transcending into that other world while bidding goodbye to ours forever.
Ishage Rock at Iyake Lake​
Ishage Rock at Iyake Lake
  • Ishage Rock: this is a boulder of rock standing at the entrance to the Mountain. It is regarded as a bringer of rainfall in the community. Whenever there is a drought, the Chief priest covers the lower part of the rock with a white cloth after which rain would start falling for days on end.
  • God of fertility: Iyake Lake is also regarded as the main God of fertility and whoever steps inside the lake would not be able to come out again.
Footprint of the gods at Iyake Lake​
Footprint of the gods at Iyake Lake
  • The footprint of the gods: there are large clusters of what looks like giant footprints all over the mountain. Tradition has it that these “footprints” belongs to the gods who walked the mountain to protect the villagers when they lived on the mountain.
Elephant tree at Iyake lake​
Elephant tree at Iyake lake
  • The Elephant Tree: just a few minutes away from Iyake lake, there is a fallen tree that looks exactly like the shape of an elephant. The resemblance is really keen and you definitely can’t miss it.

What do you find most fascinating about Iyake Lake? for me, I’d say the fact that it’s one of the rarest sights in the world is a big turn on.

If you’re not yet convinced to visit this place, here is a list of 6 reasons why you should visit Iyake Lake

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  • Very interesting lake, no living thing puts its feet in it or it would disappear many white people have tried in the past to find the source of the water as nobody knows the source and they wanted to find the source many times so right beside the lake that tree beside it before you went you’d have seen chains on it with which they tied themselves thinking something was pulling them at the bottom of the lake but they all still mysteriously disappeared. Another interesting thing you can add is that there is a mini lake in which if you throw stones you’d see ripples in both the mini one and the big one. I agree with every other thing you said, interesting write up 👍🏾👍🏾