Benefits of traveling as shared by everyday people like you who love to travel

Everyday, people visit different locations, some for business, others for leisure. We at Wakawaka.NG decided to find out some of the benefits of traveling for most of these people. This article is basically a compilation of their responses.


My main goal when I board a plane to a new destination is to experience a new culture, try a different culinary experience, beer and wine tasting particular to a region if this makes sense. I also enjoy visiting museums, old towns and experiencing different cultures, music and whatever makes the area unique or special. Whilst doing all of the above, remember to have fun.

– Asia, an entrepreneur, traveller and adventurous woman.
Mazi Ibe

Seeing new places, people and learning about new culture.

Mazi Ibe, Influencer and founder, IPISSMEDIA.
Ayomide Adenola

Exposure; you get to see how things work in other countries and see new technologies and ideas not seen around you. It also a form of personal Treat. It’s like you have worked hard and your body deserves to rest and it deserves to be pampered with traveling. It gives the body fresh and recharged energy.

Ayomide Adenola; Technologist, Adventurer
Lekan Bamidele

Traveling temporarily frees up my mind. It also serves as a reminder of how big the world is and how only tiny of it we’ve experienced.

Lekan Bamidele; Legal Practitioner, Travel enthusiast & Social Media Influencer
Aina Dada

The top 2 benefits of traveling for me is to enjoy the Experience of being in a new environment. Also, it keeps me grounded. My experiences while traveling reminds me of what’s important.

Aina Dada Content creator, Digital strategist & adventure traveller 
Ololade Kazeem

To relax your mind, see new places and new people.

Ololade Kazeem, Customer Service Rep, Adventurer & Foodie.
Stephen Kobams

I travel to go and Experience other cultures & to Build travel history.

Stephen Kobams; Chef & Travel addict

For me, the first benefit of traveling is to meet new people and opportunities. Secondly, to get away from stress and explore.

Tanto, Student & Entrepreneur.

Exposure; I get to know and understand more things. Also that means I can brag about being to places.

Morayo Ipaye; Finance professional and fun lover.
Pamilerin Adegoke

I travel to gain Exposure and to Learn new things.

Pamilerin Adegoke; Influencer, Digital Marketer & Travel enthusiast

Author: Favour Onyeoziri

Favour Onyeoziri is a travel enthusiast. He also loves writing about his travel experiences, while sharing valuable guides and tips that would be valuable to fellow travel lovers

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