Cheap Holiday Company in Lagos

Looking for a cheap holiday company in Lagos? We totally understand the need to go on vacation.

For instance, you have been working your ass out all year round.

No much money but you desperately need a getaway?

Also, Tolu is married to the love of his life and need to go on honeymoon but doesn’t want to break the bank?

All these are instances in life, we feel holidays and vacations are solely meant for the rich.

haqhaqhaq, scratch that, some even think that the best time for the holiday is the Christmas holiday.

On the other hand, Wakawaka is here to tell you to unlearn and relearn that ideology.

The word “WakaWaka” is a popular Pidgin English word used to refer to someone who loves to move around a lot.

WakaWaka roughly translates to “Restless” in English.

Certainly, We chose this word as our brand name because at WakaWaka.NG, we are all about getting people to go out, visit new places, try new things and meet new people.

We believe the world is too beautiful to be spent indoors.

Moreover, From trees to mountains, waterfalls, Animals, Food, nature parks, new people and cultures, etc, there are just too many beautiful experiences to gain outdoors.

Life is too short, make it count. Go outside.

You can wake up one morning and decide to go on holiday without breaking the bank.

That is where we come, we are a cheap holiday company in Lagos. We take the hassle and stress off the process.

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