fun things to do in Benin Republic

fun things to do in Benin Republic

Benin Republic is one small beautiful country with a lot of tourism potentials. Are you looking to go on a vacation or tour of the country soon? then here is a list of fun things to do and places to visit to ensure your trip is an enjoyable one.

Visit the Temple of Pythons

When you go on Instagram, you must have seen pictures of people with pythons hanging around their necks. Most of these pictures were taken at the Python temple in Ouidah, Benin Republic. Among the local communities, it is forbidden to hurt these pythons. Instead, they are revered and well-fed. Visiting the Temple of Pythons is one of the most remarkable things to do while visiting Benin Republic.

Ouidah Museum of History:

The Ouidah Museum of history is a reservoir of historic knowledge through objects, arts, and souvenirs from both pre-colonial, colonial and post the colonial Benin Republic. This place gives the visitor an insight into the ancient empire of Dahomey, the transatlantic slave trade, the era of French colonialism and much more. This is a choice destination for those who wish to know more about the Benin Republic.

Kayaking in Benin Republic

Go Kayaking

from Cotonou, the commercial capital to Ouidah the tourist hub, Benin Republic is replete with several lakes and other bodies of water. You can decide to go kayaking at any of the facilities offering this. I promise you it is fun.

Try out their local food

the Benin Republic is famous for its exotic ingredients and meals bursting with fallouts. Many of these are the food you’re most probably familiar with, but the ingredients and mode of preparation will definitely blow your mind.

Flex your knowledge of French

Do you still remember back in high school when you were thought French? Do you still remember any of those phrases? Well, Benin Republic is the perfect place to find out. It is a French-speaking country and it will be fun trying to navigate the Benin Republic with the little knowledge of French you have.

the door of no return in ouidah, Benin Republic

Visit the door of no return

the gate of no return as it is also referred to is one of the four major gates in West Africa. These are points from which Slaves were shipped to Europe and the Americas during the Transatlantic Slave trade. It has even been touted that this Gate in Benin facilitated the exit of more slaves than anywhere else in Africa. The Government of Benin Republic has built a monument in recognition of the importance of that gate to their dark history of slavery and that of West Africa as a whole.

Take Pictures

with the advent of Smartphones, Social Media and the internet, pictures are now a lifestyle. Benin Republic has many amazing views and locations, some of these has been mentioned above. It will be awesome for you to take loads of pictures to remind you of your visit to these locations. You can check out some great travel pictures on our Instagram page here

the beach of Casa Del Papa, Benin Republic

Go to the beach or a resort

Benin has a wide range of resorts and beaches scattered around the country, especially in Ouidah. Visiting one of them is a great way to run away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the city. At the beach, you can have a swim, watch the waves crash to the shores or even just slip your headset on and listen to some cool music with a beautiful view in front of you.

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