Some Reasons Why Lagos Is Better Than Ibadan

SOME REASONS WHY LAGOS IS BETTER THAN IBADAN has been a lot controversial over the years.

Lagos is the most populous state in Nigeria, West Africa.

With its excessive population, there are a lot of controversies about the state which makes it regularly compared to Ibadan,

a buzzing city in one of the states in Nigeria’s Western region, Oyo state.

This development is mostly due to some of the cons attached to staying in Lagos.

The notion that Ibadan is better than Ibadan is quite debatable for several reasons that may seem invalid but the variety they say is the spice of life.

As you read on, you will get to see some outstanding reasons why Lagos is better than Ibadan in the list below.

1. JOB OPPORTUNITIES: “Lasgidi or Eko” as Lagos is popularly referred to is said to be “No man’s land.”

This translates to the city having something in store for everyone.

Being the largest city in Africa,

opportunities exist aplenty in regard to seeking jobs because of the wealth and industry therein.

You can’t be zealous and lack something to do in Eko as it is a very busy place that never goes to sleep and has a lot to offer its inhabitants.

It is almost impossible to compare Lagos to Ibadan which has minimal.

Employment opportunities because of the wealth and entrepreneurial gap and also because there are fewer people and fewer needs.

2. EXCITING ATTRACTIONS:  There are many exciting attractions to visit in Lagos. Ranging from the beach to many other interesting places.

Because Lagos is a mostly busy city, recreational and relaxation spots are in abundance. This is because people need to relieve off stress.

It is also because Lagos is a very developed city compared to Ibadan, where tourist does not flock.

3. AMAZING NIGHTLIFE: Lagos has a very amazing nightlife, with so much music to groove to.

Interesting people to meet and a high chance of meeting celebrities and the big names in every industry.

People get to interact and have a lot of fun ranging from karaoke, movie nights and even casinos, to play exciting games.

Ibadan cannot even relate to these amazing experiences as their nightlife isn’t as active as that of Lagos.

4.  QUALITY EDUCATION: The best schools in Nigeria are actually in Lagos state! Be it Government-owned schools or amazing private schools.

The education system in Lagos is good and the chances of being overpopulated in a class are minimal.

As there are a lot of schools which have been verified by the Federal Ministry for Education.

This is mostly due to a large number of expatriates and investors living in the city. The standard of education is too high compared to that of Ibadan.

5. INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: The Nigerian international airport is based in Lagos state.

For every state that has an airport, there is always a flight to and from Lagos.

This means the amount of exposure and all else that comes with it Lagos has, within local and international domains, is unprecedented.

Ibadan can only wish for such exposure.

The variations of people within Lagos means it is always going to be a better city than Ibadan, as everything conforms to a higher standard.

6. DAILY SCENES: There is always one drama or the other on the streets of Lagos.

Either the hustle for buses, the exciting conversations and stories on the bus, the different kind of people you meet in traffic or the random people around.

Networking is actually easier in Lagos compared to Ibadan.

People find it easy to meet other people interested in what they do or have to offer.

There is always something to smile or laugh at more in Lagos as compared to Ibadan.

which has the “mind your business” kind of mindset amongst its people and activities.

Lagos, as with any large city in the world, has a good and a bad side.

Compared to Ibadan however, people network better, gain more exposure and live life to the fullest.

Eko is a wonderful place to be in. Compared to Ibadan,

It has the largest buildings, better-looking areas and lots of amazing attractions and experiences.

Living in Lagos is an experience people shouldn’t be missing.

Here are just a few reasons why Lagos is better than Ibadan but of course, we are one.

Ekó óni baje o!

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Author: Favour Onyeoziri

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