Terms and Conditions for one-day Hangouts

1. To qualify for a refund, the Customer has to cancel at least 24 hours before the time of the hangout.

2. To qualify for rescheduling, the customer would have to cancel at least 24 hours before the time of the hangout.

3. You cannot cancel within 24 hours to the time of the hangout.

4. You cannot reschedule on the day of the hangout.

We try to make preparations for hangouts and tours well ahead of time to prevent last minute rushes and to ensure our customers get the best experience, so we encourage you to inform us of any changes in your plans at least 24 hours ahead so we can adjust accordingly and possibly find a replacement for your spot.

Note: these T&Cs apply only to one-day hangouts such as Kayaking, Paintballing, LCC hangouts etc, it does not apply to Tours or other hangouts and events exceeding a 1-day duration. Thank you.

Author: Favour Onyeoziri

Favour Onyeoziri is a travel enthusiast. He also loves writing about his travel experiences, while sharing valuable guides and tips that would be valuable to fellow travel lovers

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