Things to do in Lagos during a Public Holiday/Leave.

We took out time to list out things to do in Lagos during a public holiday/leave. There are a whole lot but we listed a few. Read them here.

Holidays should be periods during which people relax and enjoy themselves, away from home.

Just being off work or having a normal day at home does not necessarily amount to observing a holiday.

Key reasons why people holiday is to build and strengthen relationships and socially interact with people, in newer ways, in addition to generally having fun.

Of course, is the fact that proper relaxation has benefits like reduced stress, increase in creativity, boost to emotional stability, soars confidence, improves intelligence and also improves low mood.

What better way to set the wheels in motion for a proper holiday than fully exploit the city of Lagos and its many wonderful offerings?

Popularly referred to as “Eko,” Lagos is the most economically active and socially diverse state in Nigeria.

It is to some degree the major entry point to the rest of the world from this axis.

It is a city rich in historical significance and cultural diversity.

There are numerous relaxation, entertainment, amusement and exploration spots all over this beautiful city.

One needs not to worry when it comes to personal things of interest as Lagos has something or all things for everyone and everybody.

Firstly, This is not that article that encourages you to enjoy your holidays by reading books, cleaning your house or simply watching Netflix at home.

This is that article that encourages you to enjoy the full ambience of Lagos, to capacity.

Below is a rich list of how to combine your favourite pastimes to a befitting holiday in the city of Lagos.


A quality feature of Lagos is the many attractions for a variety of desires.

So, All-round quality on entertainment, physical activities, food and other pastimes is ever-present in this city.

This is basically a city that never sleeps. Not for a day, not for the night. Just busy. Very busy.

Holidays offer a great way to spend time with family, to rekindle bonds and built newer dimensions to relationships and connections.

To be able to see Lagos for its beauty, it is imperative to understand the workings of the city through the spectrum of relaxation and comfort.

Lagos offers a range of choice locations for picnics, parties, leisure activities and others.

Some fun activities to engage in are Go-karting at the GET Arena, booking a room at a hotel or resort and completely loosening up.

Also, visiting the Hi-Impact Planet for a very good time and magical memories, kayaking on Cowrie Creek.

For people that love bowling, Pinpoint Shop 3 located at The Palms Shopping Mall is the place to be.

Other features of this wonderland include billiards, a full-service bar and an arcade machine.

Different cinemas are available to cater for lovers of latest and blockbuster movies.

Available cinemas are:

Ozone Cinemas in Yaba, Silverbird Galleria in Victoria Island and Filmhouse in Surulere.  

Most shopping malls also have cinemas in them.


Lagos offers an abundance of places for the purpose of discovery. Notable among them are Lekki Conservation Centre.

If you appreciate the sight of plants and animals in their natural habitat, this place is a must-visit for you.

The New Afrika Shrine, an open-air entertainment centre located in Ikeja.

Lagos State which serves as the host location for the annual Felabration music festival is also a very decent attraction too.

Several other places like these two are scattered all over Eko.


Searching for buying goods and services is also a good way to spend public holidays.

Best places for this endeavour are the likes of The Palms in Lekki. The complex houses Shoprite, The Game, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas and other awesome brands.

Ikeja City Mall, with 100 stores means you will be spoilt for choice of shops and the best deals. 

 Popular markets like Oshodi, Yaba, Aswani, Computer Village, Eko, Jankara, Balogun Markets and many more are a must-visit.


Lagos has a variety of very exotic and fun beaches. Elegushi Royal Beach is arguably the most popular beach in Lagos.

The beach is well known to be the go-to fun place for great meals, nightclubs and hangout spots.

A perfect spot for picnics, parties or social gatherings.

The Lekki Leisure Lake is also a good destination for authentic outdoor fun in Lagos.

The resort is suitable for a family outing, a group adventure or even a fun day out with your significant other.

Activities like quad biking, jet skiing, zip-lining and much more should make your holiday all the more fun.

Several other beaches attract exist to always offer a treat.


Of what meaning is to be in an environment without being informed of its riches and history in arts and culture?

Freedom Park Lagos is a serene environment for diverse social events and hangouts, bars, theatres and live music shows sure to fully entertain you.

Terra Kulture is also the home of contemporary visual and theatre arts in Nigeria.

It stands as one of only 2 art auction houses in Nigeria, with a collection of over 1000 art pieces from across the country.

Interestingly, the building houses a restaurant, a craft shop, a library, a language school and theatre and an art gallery.

The Nigerian national museum, a perfect expo of Nigerian history.

Also showcases works of art dating back to the pre-independence era, telling the story of Nigeria’s journey through years of progressive growth.

In addition, the museum houses the bullet-riddled car in which former Head of State – late General Murtala Mohammed – was assassinated in 1976.

The National Museum Lagos also has a small crafts village with woodcarvings and other handicrafts sold at fixed prices.

There is also the Kalakuta museum, a “living history” museum that gives an insight into the life and struggle of the late afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Of significance is the MUSON Centre, an embodiment of music, arts and culture.

This is also the most prestigious and exclusive performance hall in Lagos.


A city that never sleeps surely should have the best nightlife.

To clarify, Lagos offers the best night out experience with such places as the Lotus at Pattaya, a perfect place with a lovely ambience, music, cocktails, the best Thai dishes and lots more.

Quilox club is also very popular among celebrities and socialites.

 At Quilox, you are sure to have a jolly good with the booming bass and all the debonair party lovers in Lagos.

Other notable clubs are Club 57 and Spice Route.

You can’t run out of things to do in Lagos during a public holiday/leave. There are a whole lot but we listed a few.

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