Top 5 places to visit in South East Nigeria

Newly lit Niger bridge by Life Lager Beer

Everyone has been talking about how difficult living through this pandemic has been and we completely agree. Everything from the adjustments in daily routines, the little to zero physical interactions, increased workload and anxiety from the news has been a lot to handle. However, things are gradually getting back to normal, travel restrictions are going away and if you didn’t get the memo already, Coronavirus has taught us all to enjoy the time we have here, every single day of it.

With that in mind, here’s a small list of places in the South Eastern part of Nigeria we absolutely think you should visit.

Ngwo Pine Forest

Ngwo Pine Forest & Cave: First, life in Enugu is chill and the experience at this spot is even more chill. You will enjoy the cool breeze just walking around the open forest and get great shots hiding behind the really tall trees there. To add more spice, invite a couple friends you haven’t seen in a while and have a picnic by the pool at the bottom of the cave there.

Oguta Lake

Oguta Lake: There is so much you are going to love about visiting this place having been a holiday resort since the 1960s. There is the myth and the Nigerian civil war history it comes with, the tale of two angry rivers flowing side by side without ever coming together, the opportunity to fish with locals on one end of the lake, and the fun of a boat cruise on the other end. This is the biggest natural lake in South Eastern Nigeria and one of the best places in Imo State. It has a nice resort, so you should plan to spend more than a day there and get a full fun experience.

Niger Bridge

The newly lit Niger Bridge: While this is one of the most recognizable landmarks in South East Nigeria, the recent work Life Lager Beer has done by adorning this edifice with beautifully colored neon lights has turned it into a brand new sight for the eyes. You can view the River Niger clearly from the 55 year old bridge, and the bright new look it is spotting just adds a breathtaking feel to the view. For the best experience, head out to see its new colorful look in the evening.

Ogba Ukwu Cave

Ogba Ukwu Cave: This cave is a fun site to explore, and given its size, it would take almost 2 hours to completely see all it has to offer. It has stone steps that make moving from tunnel to tunnel easy, a waterfall and an alleged elephant foot in one of its tunnels. Visiting this cave would mean you have visited West Africa’s largest cave.

Azumini Blue River

Azumini Blue River: This is one of the best locations in the country for swimmers and lovers of water sports. If your visit coincides with a rainy day in the Abia State community of Azumini, then you will get the chance to see the river turn green as it normally does on rainy days. The view of the Azumini Hill while you swim in the river is definitely a joy to behold.

A pro-tip for wherever you do pick to visit, is to go with someone, and ensure you “Chop Life”. Remember Life memories are best when shared with friends and families.

Author: Favour Onyeoziri

Favour Onyeoziri is a travel enthusiast. He also loves writing about his travel experiences, while sharing valuable guides and tips that would be valuable to fellow travel lovers

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