Top 8 things you need to enjoy your detty December.

It’s almost the time of the year where Christmas lights are up and the city’s hustling and bustling get doubled because everyone is trying to secure the yuletide clothes, shoes and hats in the colors – red, white and green. I know you have plans to have a detty December, that’s why you opened this post in the first place. Just so you don’t get caught unawares, I have created a list of eight things you need to enjoy your detty December. 

1. Freedom

First things first, you actually have to be free to enjoy detty December because a lot of the detties that will happen in December will run into the night. If you have a curfew, your December might actually be really clean. You can make it memorable by going to see Santa in his grotto and sitting on his laps for a picture with him and his elves. Don’t forget to make a wish.

2. A budget

For your own sake, it would be wise to work with a budget for detty December so you won’t enter January broke. Set a budget aside, select the events or concerts you can afford to be present at and watch the rest in people’s WhatsApp statuses and twitter. Exceeding your budget would look and sound sweet because the voices in your head would either tell you “if you perish, you perish” or “this life na one” but ignore the voices and follow through with your plans of working with a budget because we won’t be here to pack your tears when you cry about being broke in January.

3. Friends with the same energy as you

Unless your energy is low, I see no reason why the people you go out with this December shouldn’t match your energy. It would be really unwise to spend your money on detty December and not have as much fun as you’ve imagined. If your current squad won’t have as much fun as you would, organize a new squad for detty December and go everywhere with them. A life of regrets is not something you want to experience

4. Fully charged power banks and phones

Yes, I typed power banks because those things have minds of their own during December. Your phone battery is not guaranteed to last through an event. This is why you need to be armed with a power bank or two because of the people who might want to target your power bank and ask that you “power their phones.” 

Tip inside a tip: charge people who want to use your power banks so your detty December budget increases slightly. 

5. A ready-made wardrobe

Don’t let your outfits stop you from having fun this December. Be sure to have outfits you can easily pick as a replacement for your original outfits and also do well to select outfits that you can be comfortable in so you can be free to move about and dance as much as you should. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a situation where you have to sit still because you’re not comfortable in your outfit. It won’t be detty December for you anymore.

6. Security Consciousness

For the sake of safety, let people know where you’d be on the days you go out. There is a certain relief that comes with knowing that people close to you know where you are. If your plans change mid-location, share your new location to close friends and keep your phones charged.

7. Travel Documents

If you feel that this country has seen you finish and you want to go and have fun outside the country, dust your international passport and your other travel document and ensure that you don’t lose sight of them. As the IJGBs are coming in, you’re going out of the country to live the life of a baller. Follow the tips above this and be sure to keep us updated with videos and pictures. 

8. Data

For those who want to do detty December within the comfort of your homes, you’d need enough data to keep up with everything that is happening. Use your data to watch the stories of people that will actually make you feel like you’re at their location. You can’t miss out in two ways. 

May the Yuletide season be good to us all.

written by Osas Irianele

Osas Irianele is a young copywriter and Blogger who just graduated from the University of Lagos. With over 40,000 followers across her Social Media platforms, she is also a lifestyle influencer with a cult following. Osas, as she is fondly called by her friends, has a charming personality and you’d definitely want to follow her on Instagram (@Virtuousi) and Twitter (@Osastheking). She also owns a lifestyle blog

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