Traffic Restaurant and Bar Review

Traffic Restaurant and Bar was an accidental discovery for me and here’s how. I was bored one day and called a friend at work, I pretended that I had some business conversation to have with him and we fixed a meeting for the day after. The name of the meeting spot sounded funny. I mean, he sent me the address and it read “Okay let’s meet at Traffic by 8:30-9. It’s on Polo club road, off Awolowo road, Ikoyi”.

Here’s his message

Before he sent the address I was already wondering exactly why we were to meet in “traffic”. I was like, dear Bro, is everything ok? 

Anyways, we eventually met at Traffic Light A.k.a Traffic Light Restaurant and Bar, Ikoyi. True to its name, there were two traffic lights at the entrance to the restaurant. They usually come up at night. I won’t bore you with more details, but this turned out to be one of the best restaurants I’ve visited in Lagos. Trust me, I’ve visited a lot of them.

Here’s all you need to know about Traffic Restaurant


The Traffic Restaurant and Bar has a serene and calm atmosphere. The spacious nature of the place combined with its serenity makes it a great place to relax and have great conversations with family and friends.

The ambience of Traffic restaurant and Bar
The ambiance of Traffic restaurant
pictures of Traffic restaurant and Bar


For a place that big, they actually did well with Aesthetics. From the entrance, you would start spotting great places to take pictures. I love the swing just by the entrance, the iron sculpture of a horse, the hanging lights at the open bar area and the wooden ladder-like stands. Perhaps the best part of their aesthetics is the fact that they divided all that space into small sections where a couple of people can meet with relative privacy. If you want a lot of privacy, look for and find the sections labeled “Victoria Island” or “Lekki”. I believe those are the two most private parts of the restaurant.

Aesthetics at Traffic Restaurant and Bar
Aesthetics at Traffic Restaurant


They surprisingly serve everything from local dishes such as Soups and rice to seafood, porridge, and fries. The food is not exceptional, but you’d love it.

Fries and Mexican rice at Traffic Restaurant and Bar
Fries and Mexican rice at Traffic Restaurant and Bar

Quality of service

They have enough waiters who would approach you with a menu about 5 minutes after you settle in. Overall, there’s nothing exceptional about their service, there is nothing bad either. Just normal.


Traffic Light turned out to be reasonably more affordable than many other restaurants I’ve visited. Here a meal for two and two glasses of cocktail cost less than N15,000.

Bill for two at Traffic Restaurant and Bar
Our Bill
Picture spots

Practically everywhere here is a picture spot, but here are 5 places I’d recommend.

1. The entrance where we have a “Traffic” Graffiti on the wall

2. Sit or stand beside the Swing (already shared a picture of this above)

3. Stay anywhere in “Tinubu Square” and use the hanging flowers as a backdrop

4. Find “Lekki” and take a picture with the Tricycle just by the entrance.

5. Sit or stand on any of the chairs in “Ikoyi” and use the hanging flowers as a backdrop.


I am a big lover of well-decorated open-air spaces and Traffic Restaurant is now my new best spot. So far, I have visited here thrice in two months already and will still go back again. What are the perks? There are great spots for pictures, good food, awesome Ambience, and relative privacy.

Important: We did a video review of Traffic Restaurant and Bar, you can watch this on our Youtube Page here

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