Travel meets food: Stephen Kobams, the chef who loves to travel

In our Feature today, we have a Chef who loves to Travel.

1. Can you tell us your Name?

Stephen Kobams 

2. What is your Instagram handle?


3. What do you do for a living?


4. Why do you love traveling?

Sometimes to escape from something (breakups, drama), sometimes to appreciate myself and sometimes I travel to connect with my partner, sometimes to celebrate my birthday and sometimes I travel when I see a very cheap ticket. lol

Stephen Kobams visit to the snake temple in Benin republic
Stephen Kobams at the snake temple in Benin Republic

5. How many countries have you visited ever?


6. What’s your favorite country so far?


7. Would you rather visit Morocco or Seychelles?


8. Would you rather travel alone or with friends?  

With friends but most times, I travel alone.

Kobam's recent travel to the Republic of Benin recently
Stephen Kobams in The Republic of Benin recently

9. What’s your dream destination (that you’re yet to visit?). 


10. What advice do you have for those who hope to explore the world on a Nigerian passport?

Explore Africa, we have great destinations on our continent. If you have enough stamps from African countries, your chances of exploring the world and convincing visa officials will increase I guess. lol 

Kobam's recent travel to Dubai
Stephen Kobams in Dubai recently

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Author: Favour Onyeoziri

Favour Onyeoziri is a travel enthusiast. He also loves writing about his travel experiences, while sharing valuable guides and tips that would be valuable to fellow travel lovers

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