Vacation plug in Lagos

First of all, having a Vacation plug in Lagos is important.

Vacation or holiday is a leave of absence from a regular occupation,

or a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism.

see why

Vacations are taken often by people during specific holiday observances, or for specific festivals or celebrations.

Vacations are often spent with friends or family.

Many people are of the opinions that to go on a vacation, you have to be severely boxed up.

Vacation plug is here to certainly erase that ideology.

Even more, we have amazing vacation packages for couples, singles and groups.

We are working tirelessly to be your favourite vacation plug.

The word “WakaWaka”

is a popular Pidgin English word used to refer to someone who loves to move around a lot.

Also, WakaWaka roughly translates to “Restless” in English.

We chose this word as our brand name because at WakaWaka.NG,

Certainly, we are all about getting people to go out, visit new places, try new things and meet new people.

We believe the world is too beautiful to be spent indoors.

From trees to mountains, waterfalls, Animals, Food, nature parks, new people and cultures, etc,

There are just too many beautiful experiences to gain outdoors.

Life is too short, make it count.

So, Go outside. is a travel and tour agency in Lagos.

with the sole aim of providing cheaper vacation packages to individuals who wish to see the world and meet nee people.

We want to be your go-to vacation plug in Lagos