Waka Waka

Waka Waka is a travel and tour agency based in Lagos with the intention of becoming a world-class tour agency.

First of all, The tour agency was borne out of passion and love for travelling and seeing new places.

It is still an ongoing process as future plans are being put in place to have a hassle-free touring agency.

The word “WakaWaka” is a popular Pidgin English word used to refer to someone who loves to move around a lot.

In other words, WakaWaka roughly translates to “Restless” in English.

Also, we chose this word as our brand name because at WakaWaka.NG, we are all about getting people to go out, visit new places, try new things and meet new people.

Wakawaka believes the world is too beautiful to be spent indoors. From trees to mountains, waterfalls, Animals, Food, nature parks, new people and cultures, etc

Therefore, there are just too many beautiful experiences to gain outdoors. Life is too short, make it count. Go outside.

It has the potential to grow into a full travel company providing more services.

like flight tickets and hotel bookings, visa processing assistance, airport transfers, tailor-made packages, honeymoons, short getaways, family vacations etc. to various destinations.

We offer a personalized service so that you feel at home while making your booking with us.