Wakawaka Lagos

Wakawaka is a Lagos based vacation and tour company established to bridge the gap and cut down the difficulties faced in vacation and tours.

A while after its launch, the site fully took after a long tour around Lagos and Nigeria to be precise.

Subsequently with a passion for seeing places in the country and of course at much cheaper rates.

You would agree with me that Lagos has beautiful places and sceneries to visit,

we at wakawaka Lagos is ready to make it memorable.

Also, we have grown to become one of the most used tour companies to your popular and favourite influencers in Nigeria.

With convenient payment system and excellent customer service, we cater to every financial tier.

The word “WakaWaka” is a popular Pidgin English word used to refer to someone who loves to move around a lot.

WakaWaka roughly translates to “Restless” in English.

Similarly, We chose this word as our brand name because at WakaWaka Lagos

Above all, We are all about getting people to go out, visit new places, try new things and meet new people.

The world is too beautiful to be spent indoors.

From trees to mountains, waterfalls, Animals, Food, nature parks, new people and cultures, etc,

There are just too many beautiful experiences to gain outdoors.

Life is too short, make it count. Go outside.

We constantly excite our clients with best vacation deals, packages and services that are not available anywhere else.

In addition, Wakawaka Lagos payment and travel planning are top-notch as our clients can attest to it.