Which Is More Important? The People You’re Traveling With Or The Destination You’re Visiting?

People visit different destinations for different reasons; Reasons which include; work, recreation, fact-finding, exposure etc. Trips are supposed to be adventure-filled, with lots of experience and a lot of new places to see. Often, an amazing view of the serenity of nature. Irrespective of the purpose of travelling, the aim of a trip should be achieved to consider it a success. I feel travelling should be adventurous and expository whatever the purpose of the trip, as there is so much to learn, observe and see.

To consider what is important between the people you are travelling with and the destination you are going to depends on a lot of factors. However, the certainty as to which matters more between the people you are travelling with and where you are travelling to is an interesting area for debate and learning.

People think differently, act differently and experience differently.

Personally, it is hard to pick a side because it is like being in a dilemma between “The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea.” Rather than pick a side, I feel we should examine the pros and cons of both rationales since this dilemma is widely viewed as a very difficult one when it comes down to picking a choice. Both can be important and reasons aplenty when there is a need to pick a side.

Travelling for work

Firstly, when travelling for a work-related issue, the place you travel to is more important because you might be the only one assigned to that area or for that trip.

In a situation like this, there is no bone of contention because you are going to be all alone for the official trip. It is all up to you to make it interesting because you are the only one in it. You can only do this by making the most out of your environment. Take this initiative by doing such things as visiting the tourist attractions nearby and conversing with the locals, which might be a bit difficult due to the language barrier.

For introverts, interacting with people and having conversations seems mostly very uncomfortable. It is therefore understandable if this may be uninteresting to such people.

On the other hand, when you travel with colleagues, you have those to converse with, have discussions with and some form of motivation, when needed, to work. Company is always available. The popular saying of “no man being an island” is mostly true. You cannot have fun all by yourself.

Travelling for recreational purposes

When travelling for recreational purposes, those you travel with matter the most because you all need each other to explore and have fun. Except if you want to play alone, which could easily become boring. No matter the number of people involved, maximum fun is always better with extra people. It is always exciting having people around you during recreational activities, as they tend to cheer you up and boost your confidence. Even if that confidence is to make a fool out of yourself, in a fun way though.

Travelling for fact-finding

When travelling for fact-finding, I strongly believe people should travel with a team since the primary goal is research. Two heads they say, are better than one. This is mostly true as the tendency to rub minds and the likelihood of making better decisions increases. Besides, they say “if you want to travel fast, travel alone and if you want to travel far, travel with people.” Travelling with people is also more secure as individuals look out for each other in times of danger and crisis. Although we cannot deny the fact that there could be a lot of distractions when working with people. This could breed disagreements, quarrels and the goal might not be achieved at the end of it all.

Travelling for exposure

While travelling for exposure, the likelihood of people needing pictures is high. Travelling alone could mean always seeking a stranger to help with this very important commitment. Traveling with people, on the other hand, makes a lot of things easy. It is also fun and more enriching learning with people around you. In this case, destination seldom matters because the company you are with define the life of the party. Your destination makes the trip constant and certain while the company involved in a trip can make the experience very dynamic.

Travelling is always a wonderful experience regardless of these two debatable concerns.

Although it seems that those you travel with matter more than the destination because in most cases, your companions determine the outcome and success of the trip. People are always a necessity when it comes to having fun except if the trip is mostly for self-rediscovery and its likes.

Travel today with those you enjoy being together with and you will never regret it regardless of the destination.

Author: Favour Onyeoziri

Favour Onyeoziri is a travel enthusiast. He also loves writing about his travel experiences, while sharing valuable guides and tips that would be valuable to fellow travel lovers

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